Tree Limb Dead-Wooding

dead-wooding tree in Eureka Missouri

Trees, like all living things, will eventually die out. Though there are some cases of trees living for more than 5,000 years, most trees actually live about 40 to 50 years in total. 

This means that the trees surrounding your home are going to wither pretty soon, especially if you’ve seen the tree living there even before you moved in. And it can be pretty disastrous when you leave a dying tree by itself. 

But before you decide to get it removed, here are some signs that it may just need a little something called deadwooding. And though the name itself sounds pretty menacing, it’s actually pretty healthy for the trees! 

Deadwooding the process of pruning dead branches or parts of your tree, in order to keep it healthy. Because leaving it be can cause pest infestations, fungi to grow, or worse, completely consume your tree too soon

So here are some signs that all you need is some good old deadwooding, brought to you by none other than N & N Tree Services! Without further ado, here it is: 

Bare Branches. 

It’s pretty common for your branches to have no leaves on them during the middle of winter. But what you should watch out for, is when said branches are dried off or bare during summer, spring, or fall! That’s a clear sign that you need some deadwooding. 

Weak joints. 

The joints of branches are the ones that connect said branch to the trunk itself. So check to see if they’re sturdy, because if they’re not, then it’s another sign of your tree dying. 

Damaged trunk. 

Tree trunks will naturally develop vertical cracks, but with a new layer of wood below the old one. If you start to see nothing under the old trunk, then chances are the days of your tree is limited. 

Damaged roots. 

It can be pretty difficult to check your tree’s roots, for obvious reason. But there are ways to do so while only observing from the top! If you see your tree leaning on one side, not growing anymore, or its leaves are falling too soon, then it’s most likely root damage. And that is when you definitely need to call professionals to take care of it for you!

Professional Tree Services work is no joke. It requires a lot of skill and expertise. This is why it’s always best to call in a professional, like us at N & N Tree Services in order to make sure your trees remain healthy and safe to be around! 


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