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N & N Tree Services was founded in order to bring safe and secured tree services to the people of Eureka Missouri and the surrounding St. Louis area.

Getting rid of dead trees or tree trimming them has never been easy. If not done properly, tree removal can be very dangerous for both you, your family, and your properly. One wrong cut or move could lead to serious injury or even death.

This is why it’s always best to hire a professional tree services company to do the job for you. As for us, we’re the best at it along this side of Missouri.

Our team of arborists and tree service professionals have years of experience, state of the art tools, and good old fashioned wit to take care of any trees that may be bothering you.

We are also fully licensed and insured so you can have full confidence your home and property are completely protected while we remove your trees.

Our services include:

  • Tree Removal 
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Very Large tree Removal
  • Limb Dead-Wooding

We make sure that our tree services and prices are fair to both parties. And we also make sure we keep on finding new and efficient ways to satisfy our clients.

So should you ever find yourself getting irritated by that dead tree by your house, or overgrown branches are scratching your home, then call N & N Tree Services for the job. We’ll make sure to get the job done for you!

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Services We Provide

  • Tree Service
  • Arborist and Tree Surgeon
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Trimming
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Dead-wooding

About Our Services

At N&N Tree Services, we seek to provide everyone in the Eureka Missouri and surrounding area with the best possible tree removaltree pruning, tree trimming, very large tree removal and limb dead-wooding services.

Trees are meant to supply us oxygen among other benefits, but they are not everlasting and can be pretty annoying to have once they’re dead.

A dead tree can cause a lot of problems for any nearby homes, and can be even more dangerous during extreme weather conditions.

But getting rid of trees like these can be very difficult. This is why you should aim to call in professionals like N & N Tree Services in order to make sure it’s done efficiently.

With years of experience, our personnel will make quick and efficient work with your tree problem!

You can learn more about what we do down below:

tree trimming services

Tree Services

When it comes to taking care of tree problems, there is no better place to call, than N&N Tree Services. We provide you the best whether it be about removing a dead tree, trimming or pruning one, or limb dead-wooding

Tree problems can be very dangerous, especially when they aren’t act upon urgently. Some of these include injuring pedestrians with old branches, damaging power lines, damage to property, blocking roads, and so much more. 

So if you’re looking to get rid of a dead tree, or adjusting one to make sure it doesn’t do any future damages, then N&N Tree Services is the company for you! 

removing branches from tree

Tree Removal

Getting rid of a tree takes more than just tying it to a tow truck and stepping on the gas. And in a lot of cases, that method can actually cause more damage to your car, the people around you, property, and even the ground bellow. 

The removal of a dead tree is a taxing job and involves a lot of digging. The first step is to clear out any grass or weeds nearby in order to work faster. These can be done quicker with the proper equipment like we have. 

 Next, you will need to dig a deep trench around the tree and cut off its dead roots either with a pickaxe or an axe. This can take quite a long time and a lot of effort, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals like us. 

 Finally, keep digging deeper in order to get under the roots. And once you’ve reached that, you will need to use a spade and place it under the tree. Once it’s in place, continue to rock it in a certain pattern in order to make sure it gets cut off nice and cleanly. 

As you can see, tree removal is not an easy task, which is why it’s always best to leave it to experts like N&N Tree Service to do the job efficiently and cleanly for you! 


tree removal company trimming tree near Eureka MO

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is a process wherein we get rid of any unwanted or dead branches out of the way in order to let new ones grow and take their places. This can help shape trees so that they don’t affect your home or any other nearby property. 

Neglecting these dead branches can cause injuries to happen to pedestrians, and damage your home as well. But it’s not an easy task to do, which is why experts like N&N Tree Services is here to help you out. 

 With our tools and personnel, we will shape the trees around your home to perfection and make sure they don’t cause harm to anybody around them. This is also a great way to add more aesthetic to your home, and can even add more value to it as well! 

Here at N&N Tree Services, we put our clients’ needs and wants first in order to satisfy you according to whatever taste you want for your trees! 


tree services company working to remove tree

Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning takes a lot of skill and practice to perfect. It’s not just cutting off branch after branch in order to make the tree stand out. 

You will need to know which branches to cut, how to determine whether they’re healthy or not, and the proper tools to make sure your pruning is good

Here at N&N Tree Services, we pride ourselves as one of the best in the business, thanks to our experienced professionals that know just how to discern healthy branches from dead ones, as well as use modern tools to get the job done right. 

When it comes to tree pruning, it’s never just cutting off one branch, it’s more on making sure the tree stays healthy and well, all the while shaping it into perfection. 

tree removal and tree services

Very Large Tree Removal

A large tree can act as a great landmark when people are trying to look for your home, or it can also act as a great protector of your home during harsh weather conditions. As long as it’s healthy of course. 

But trees will eventually die out, making them dangerous to be around. All the more for very large trees that have a thick trunk and huge roots that keep it still. 

When a very large tree has lived its life, it is now vulnerable to strong weather conditions and can cause massive amounts of damage unto nearby property’s and even people. And getting rid of them isn’t all that easy either. 

Which is why at N&N Tree Service, we make sure to be prepared for any scenario all the time! In order to remove large trees, one will need a lot of equipment to do so. 

 The process in doing so is similar to getting rid of a small tree, but with a lot more force and heavier equipment like a chainsaw

So if you are looking to have a very large tree removed, then be sure to call N&N Tree Services in order to do the job nice and easy for you! 


Removing a large tree in Eureka Missouri

Limb Dead-wooding

Limb Dead-wooding is the process of getting rid of dead branches at the top of a tree that can cause a lot of damage down below. 

Whether it be injuring passerby’s or damaging healthy branches of the tree, dead branches pose a threat to those ones below them. 

Which is why getting rid of them is all the more important! But you can’t do that out of a whim, which is why you can call N&N Tree Services to help you out! 

Here, we have the proper tools and personnel to take care of those dead branches, and make sure that the three remains healthy and strong for all those passing by. 


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